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Jeffrey M Bossler
Born: September 16, 1955
Resident of Orcas Island for 30 years (to present), 45 years on west coast
Mailing address: P.O. Box 1216, Eastsound, WA 98245
Hobbies: I have many “hobbies” which have been put to good use over the years.
  •  Hiking has kept me in good shape and taken me to incredible places
  •  Art: I spent much of my life pursuing my natural abilities, evolving from pen work to oils. Upon the advent of beginning my family, my art work has been put on hold, forcing my creativity through other outlets.  See my art and history page.
  • Music: Once a child prodigy in music, my music activities are now in collecting and appreciating music from around the world, especially from all points between the Rock of Gibraltar and North Africa, through the middle east and central Asia to India.
  • Writing: Having been a daydreamer as a kid, I began writing early in life.  Just a few years ago, I finished my first book - "Hello? Hello?? Hello??? - a fearless view of a world without walls -."  I'm currently working on a pictoral autobiography of what I call the "art period" of my life - how I got into my art, why, and diary notes from a time and lifestyle that barely exists now in America.   
  • Spanish Language: In 1996 I decided to learn Spanish on my own through the study of one book that focuses on verb conjugation, grammar, and pronunciation; and the use of handwritten flash cards. It was a great success. While I sometimes get rusty and have more to learn, I can hold a good conversation with most Spanish speakers.  I would love to put it to use and keep it alive, but as of now I'm a little rusty!
  • Computer Skills: I sent my first email from a mud brick building in Katmandu in 2001. Since then I've come a very long way in basic skils as well as advanced photo shop in my daily art and photography.   
BRIGHT FUTURES FOUNDATION (.org): I’ve been a supporter of this non-profit since its beginning in the year 2000. This organization is about health and education for high achievers who otherwise would not have these opportunities; and to instill leadership skills and independence.
  • Four trips to Nepal: I went to Nepal in September of 2001 and stayed for 7 weeks, and again in October of 2007 for a shorter time to support the activities of the organization, which include some basic logistical work and photography, and then went on to India.  In October of 2009 I went to Nepal again as support and to shoot video footage of accomplishments and ongoing projects.  Once again I went in the fall of 2014.
I was elected for a County position as a member of the “Board of Freeholders” to rewrite the Charter of San Juan County Washington and restructure the county government. This nine month term (subject to all public official requirements) was a great success, in that we successfully put to the voters a charter and restructure proposal that easily passed a county-wide vote by the people. 
I personally worked with - and was a key member of six committees. The committees are as follows:
  • Rules: To define our Board rules and operating protocol, while equalizing three unequal district’s representation on the Board.
  • Outreach and Information: To address the public’s concerns and needs for information as to the progress of the Board’s work and the pros and cons of each proposal of the new charter language. This included representing the “pro” side as well as drafting informational documents for public consumption via print and website media. I authored almost all of the Board’s informational materials.
  • Districting: I successfully promoted a new countywide districting scheme that resolved our grossly unequal districts and the one-person-one-vote requirement problems of the past. Included in the challenge is our geographical and population paradigm as a county made up of islands, and fiercely independent identities by area.
  • Initiative and Referendum: Research of these powers for the people in other WA counties which have them and the promotion thereof for our own charter. 
  • The County Fair Committee: I authored most of the information made available to the public about the proposed charter for the county fair and did time in the booth.
  •  PAC To promote the proposed charter: Wrote informational letters and went to meetings to promote the charter. This included working to neutralize unfounded opposition to the charter based on falsehoods as well as to address legitimate concerns among the public and to represent the pro-side in a debate.
  • Perfect attendance record
LEADERSHIP SAN JUAN ISLANDS (LSJI) 2004 through summer of 2008:
I am a graduate of this intensive leadership class and have been active until the summer of 2008. My activities included the following:
  • Graduate of the first year’s class along with it’s founders
I was asked by the Community Network (a non-profit) and successfully achieved the following for this project made possible through a grant from the state of Washington to the Community Network.
  • Interview a cross-section of various service providers from all levels and jurisdictions working in the county as to what they would like to know about the Hispanic Community in an effort to serve them better
  • Document and vet the interviewee’s conversations with me before conclusions were made by me and develop pertinent questions from the interview results
  •  Develop a non-confrontational survey in English for the approval of the Community Network Board (who represent various levels of service providers)
  • Rewrite the survey in Spanish and re-format (final design and appearance) and vet it with the Spanish speaking editor for approval of language
  • Delegate to survey givers and also give surveys myself to as many Hispanics as possible county-wide
  • Quantify the raw data from all three islands and format it into charts and graphs of my making for the comprehension and use of data by service providers
  • Write a final report and consolidated overview along with an opinion piece of my own which included ways and means and why, my experience, and my opinions on what data stood out for me and what it meant.
U.S.Forest Service: 7 years (mid 70s to early 80s) as initial attack fire fighter, off-season work included controlled burns, trail maintenance, environmental data-taking (post and pre harvest) and at-station maintenance.
Nursery and Landscape: Between the early 1970s and 1988 I held various seasonal and full-time jobs and/or specific projects in agricultural and ornamental horticulture, mostly involving propagation, installation, and pruning specific to maintenance and/or creativity. This period of time includes time spent in Sacramento, the MendocinoCoast where I worked for the Heritage House, the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, and others, and freelanced in various horticultural art forms.
CURRENTLY: Alpine Seaside Landscapes: I am the owner and sole proprietor of Alpine Seaside Landscapes on Orcas Island, WA. My activities include concept and design drawings, detailed proposals and analysis, and reports and proposals where required; I also do -- myself -- the heavy lifting and dirty work involved in installation of irrigation systems, plantings, and rock work for patios, steps, and walls.
CURRENTLY:  Digital Artist and Photographer with Society6 and Redbubble:  I post and sell my art work and photography online in many forms and am expanding my online presence and products.  Works include my pen and pencil work I've been digitally remastering as well as new photography and digitally mastered composites.  Links to available products can be found on my home page.  
My main goal is to leave the world in better shape than I found it.  Between my landscaping, art, community, and non-profit work, there are endless opportunities for bringing beauty, peace, equality, and productivity to the lives of those who seek it.  Beauty is the language of peace!      
Contact Information:
Mailing Address:
Jeff Bossler
P.O. Box 1216
Eastsound, WA 98245
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NOTE:  The first time you send me an email, PLEASE follow it up with a phone call in case your email is directed to my spam!
About the photo at top of page:  This is me playing back video footage of a women's leadership workshop in Nepal to a few of the women who participated.