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My Society 6 Prints and Canvases
Small to large -- around $20 to $150


This is your opportunity to browse some of my currently available art and photography all in one place. All sales are made through my online Society 6 storefront, where you will find all of my currently available images.  Each link below will take you to one of the many choices and sizes available for that image.  Each image is available as a framed and/or unframed art print or stretched canvas.  Prices range from around $20 for an unframed print to $150 for a large stretched canvas, making top quality art very affordable.  Sizes average from about 8 x 10 inches to about 24 x 36 inches.  See more about frames at the bottom of this page.  




















Digitally re-mastered pen drawings:

Above left:  "Seaside Village Waterfall" inspired by the Mendocino Coast of northern California

Above right:  "Mountain Home" inspired in the North Cascade Range of Washington State


Above:  Some of my edited photographs take on the appearance of my colored pen drawings.  This is the mountain-top forest of Mount Constitution in Moran State Park on Orcas Island.











Above left:  View of Orcas and San Juan Island from Turtleback Mountain.  The Olympic Range stands in the distance.

Above right:  A lone seagull along the rocky shoreline of Shaw Island


Of the universe, we see only our immediate surroundings.  Both macro and micro realities are beyond our abilities to see and fully comprehend.  On occasion, I like to honor my urge to move from my usual explorations of "slightly heightened reality" to areas that are more abstract and conceptual.










The artistic merge of digital photo editing and hand drawn art brings with it new possibilities which range from "traditional" to more "conceptual."  Above left:  A digitally re-mastered pen drawing of the Twin Sisters Peaks winter scene as seen from the Acme Valley of Washington State.  The "frame" around the scene was digitally created from a photo of a young Madrona tree thicket.  Above right:  Another pen drawing combined with a digitally-edited photo of Madrona trees from Crescent Beach, Orcas Island.











Simple things which are often overlooked hold almost endless possibilities of beauty and experimentation.  Above are two images of the same autumn Hosta leaf.  











High detail and business occupies most of our daily lives, with frequent interruptions, confusion, and multi-tasking.  Simple and open images of wide majestic expanse can bring a lot of peace into our lives.  Above left:  A view of Mount Baker and the Coleman Pinnacle from the Ptarmigan Ridge Trail.  Above right:  A view of Orcas and San Juan Island from Turtleback on Orcas Island.












From my digitally re-mastered monochromatic charcoal drawings to colorful and ornate photographic compositions, you will find my growing collection of art at my SOCIETY 6 / ALPINE SEASIDE LANDSCAPES storefront.


Art prints from Society 6 arrive to your door as follows:

  • "Art Prints" cost the least but do not come with a frame 
  • "Framed Art Prints" are framed and matted and protected with acrylic and are ready to hang
  • "Stretched Canvases" are not framed but are ready to hang

I have found a GREAT SOURCE FOR FRAMES for literally any size you want with a wide variety of styles and kinds of frames to choose from.  They are fast, thier products are high quality, and their packing and shipping techniques do the job very well.

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What is Namaste?

"Namaste" (pronounced "nah - mah - STAY")  is a commonly expressed Hindi salutation used in India and Nepal which roughly translates to "I see only the divine spirit in you" or "I bow to the best in you".  It is usually given to another with enthusiasm and reverence with the hands in the _/\_ position and a slight bow.  A version -"namaskar" - is used more in India.

I found these two girls on the trail into the Annapurna Sanctuary of Nepal.  Their enthusiasm and optimism reminded me of the human bonds and values which make our existance on this planet so special!