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 ---My Online Stores ---

Hi!  In addition to my landscaping work, I have two online stores that feature my artwork and photography on many products.  Because it’s hard to find me in my online stores, I’m giving you easy links below to specific product lines in my two stores. 

My Redbubble shop is my latest, where I’m focusing on patterns and mandalas for clothing items.  My Society6 shop is where you can find great prints and canvases of scenery as well as many other compositions and products.

A note about my leggings which I have available in both shops:  Redbubble leggings are of a lighter material and sit lower on the hips, and my Society6 leggings are a thicker material and ride higher toward the waist. 

The links below are your launching pad into just some of my world of art!

---  My Redbubble Online Shop  ---

(You won't find me just by going to Redbubble and searching for Alpine Seaside or Jeff Bossler)

ALL DEPARTMENTS   (Most of my images can be found on 40 to 50 different products!)
WOMEN'S   (A wide variety to choose from.  My favorites are the A-line Dresses, Scarves, and Leggings.)
MEN'S   (Mostly T-shirts and Hoodies.  I'll be doing more "scene and text" T-shirts this winter!)
LEGGINGS  (This leggings are of a lighter material and sit lower on the hips than do the Society6 leggings.)
SCARVES   (These scarves are a high quality lite and airy material perfect for spring, summer, and fall.)
DRESSES   (A-line dresses, mini skirts (perfect for over leggings) and much more)
HOME DECOR  (Wall art and shower curtains.  Will be uploading comforters soon!)

---  My Society6 Online Shop  ---

(You won't find me just by going to Society6 and searching for Alpine Seaside or Jeff Bossler)

ALL DEPARTMENTS MENU  (Play with the drop down menu on the left to find all products)
LEGGINGS   (This page can be very slow to load ... S6 has some tech issues to work out)
PEN, PENCIL, AND CHARCOAL DRAWINGS REMASTERED  (These are from my younger years!)
NEPAL SCENES OF DAILY LIFE   (A small collection of my photos from 4 trips to Nepal)
ALL COLLECTIONS  (My collections include several themes)
TOTE BAGS   (Super sturdy, they come in three sizes.  They also wash easily.  Use them hard!)
FLOOR PILLOWS, SQUARE AND ROUND  (These pillows are awesome and totally sturdy)
ART PRINTS UNFRAMED  (These are top quality prints for little money.)
FRAMED ART PRINTS  (Simple frames and high quality crystal clear covering)
STRETCHED CANVAS PRINTS  (These come stretched on an internal wooden frame)
THROW PILLOWS   (Good quality of material and print)
NOTE:  All returns and order fulfillment is handled by Redbubble and Society6 !

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You can see an interview (video) about Jeff's art life with Nancy Bloom on Life Passages   


I have now been to Nepal four times and India once.  This part of the world has drawn me since my childhood, but now it is a part of my everyday heart and consciousness.  Machupachare is one of the tallest mountains in the world located in the Anapurna Sanctuary of Nepal.  Larger and more powerful than the mountains though, are the women of Nepal, India, and many other developing nations, who are working tirelessly to support their families, build community, and seek social, economic, and environmental justice.  They are working to lift themselves out of poverty and into self-determination, respect, and equality.  Ability and talent are universal, but opportunity is not.  This is why ALL OF US must build, maintain, and protect the governmental institutions which guarantee a vibrant, robust, and equitable world for all.  

Jeff Bossler


 http://www.greetingcarduniverse.com/community/store.asp?private=true&store_id=4854 http://www.greetingcarduniverse.com/community/store.asp?private=true&store_id=4854 


What is Namaste?

"Namaste" (pronounced "nah - mah - STAY")  is a commonly expressed Hindi salutation used in India and Nepal which roughly translates to "I see only the divine spirit in you" or "I bow to the best in you".  It is usually given to another with enthusiasm and reverence with the hands in the _/\_ position and a slight bow.  A version -"namaskar" - is used more in India.

I found these two girls on the trail into the Annapurna Sanctuary of Nepal.  Their enthusiasm and optimism reminded me of the human bonds and values which make our existance on this planet so special!